"Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett" - Live

Lulo Bertino 2013Das "Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett" - a new interesting formation.

Lulo Reinhardt, the german grandnephew of famous belgischen Sinti-Guitarrist Django Reinhardt, is known in the german musicscene as well as on international Festivals and stages.
Lulo´s unimitatable powerful way of guitarplaying in a blend mix out of Swing, Flamenco, Gypsymusic, Jazz-Manoucheand other influences have made him famous worldwide.

Alexander Bertino Rodmann known by his own Band "Coeur du Bois" and the release of his methodbook "Gypsyjazz Guitar" is a versatile Guitarrist who was getting into Jazzmanouche and Swingon completely different ways.

Since a couple of years these two uncommon guitarrists have a grown deep friendship that now results in a unique new Formation of the "Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett" that present together with  Harald Becher (Bs.) and Uli Krämer (Drums) presenting LIVE an explosive Melange of Swing, Jazz and Latin with original compositions of the two as well as songs and arrangements of known  Jazztunes of Django Reinhardt.

Lulo Reinhardt (Git.)
Bertino Rodmann (Git.)
Harald Becher (Bs.)
Uli Krämer (Drums)

There are plans for recording a LIVE-CD together. For this event several gig dates have been booked: on november 8th 2016 the "Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett" will play at the "Waassche Fabrik" in Geisenheim, on 8th of november at the FABRIK in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, on november 13th at the Walhalla-Studio in Wiesbaden. Tickets are available. More dates in the calendar.

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