New Guitars in my Life (1)... 2007

New Guitars in my Life ... 2007

After many years of dreaming i satisfied a few deep wishes that i alsoways had and bought myself some of my dream-instruments.

I talk about the so called Selmer-copies, acoustic Jazz-Guitars that have been developed and built by Mario Macafferri for Selmer-company in the early 1930ies especially for Django Reinhardt.

Today there are just a few excellent guitarbuilders that are able to still built these special Instruments. To be named there is the italian luthier Jacques Favino who resided in Paris in the late 1040ies, studied the Instruments of Selmer and began copying them. After his death in 1986 his son Jean-Pierre took over the business of his father. The Favino-Guitars meanwhile are legendary (not only) in Sinti-circles as they have a first-class making as well as an outstanding tone.

After a loong search i was able to buy a guitar like that, as mentioned a long term dream of mine. Here are some images of this guitar dream:

But fate was moreover good to me as i found another 2nd of these great guitars made by Maurice Dupont, also a french guitarmaker who is building since the early 80ies in France and meanwhile has developed a great name in the scene for his makings.So here is my second dream-guitar, a model MD60 by Dupont:

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