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For sale: Gypsyjazz Archtop Guitars handmade by Polak-Guitars

Actually for sale i have two wonderfully handmade Gypsyjazz Guitars by Polak-Guitars from my collection.
These guitars "Model Bertino - Maple Series" and "Model Bertino - Eucalypt Series" were handmade by luthier Eduard Polak from Polak-Guitars (former ERG), crafted on my advice and consulting.

The specialty of these guitars aren´t only their look but especially their sound. Deeply inspired by original Busato-Guitars (more Infos on www.jazzmanouche.de -> Busato-Guitars) which were built in the 1930-50ies in Paris/France, these models have been crafted in collaboration with ERG-Guitars for me.

If you are interested ion one of the guitars dont hesitate to contact me. I am open forn any questions via eMail. Both instruments may  be played at my place on negotiation for date.

Here some images and videos of these great guitars to see and to listen:

Gypsy Jazz Archtop Gitarre, Modell Bertino  - Eucalypt Series

This gorgeous handmade gypsyjazz archtop guitar, made by Eduard Polak (former ERG), is not only impressive by it´s look, but nevertheless by it´s sound as well.

The outstanding special gypsyjazz guitar is made from finest, great looking and sounding 40 year old eucalpt wood for the arched back and the sides, a glued arched top made from 3piece-layered spruce, high quality tuners made by Grover. This guitar has an awesome sound.

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Here you may see and listen to the outstanding guitar: www.youtube.de

The guitar is brandnew, just used as demo guitar, thus with very little signs of use and in top contition.

This Prototype ERG „Model Bertino - Eucalypt Series“ is offered for a special entry price: 2.350.-€ + shipping (Listprice 3.750.-€).

Gypsy Jazz Archtop Gitarre, "Model Bertino  - Maple Series"

This gorgeous Gypsyjazz archtop guitar, handmade by Eduard Polak (former ERG Guitars), is not only impressing by it´s optical beauty, but nevertheless by it´s really great and outstanding sound.
Made from finest maple woods (back and sides from beautiful Tiger-Maple), as well as a 3-layered glued top from spruce, with high quality hardware by MILLER (Switzerland), this guitar has an awesome sound.

Here you may see and hear the guitar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIHdCn_tR9A

The guitar is brandnew, just been used as a demo guitar, thus in absolute top condition with very little signs of use.

This Prototype of the ERG „Model Bertino - Maple Series“ is offered for a top special entry price: 1.750.-€ + shipping to your country (Listprice 2.300.-€).

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