bridges - Part 2

20160613 203057After the furious success of the "bridges - music unites" concert on  April 19th at the Sendesaal of the Hessischen Rundfunk, the organizers decided to definately go on with this Project.

By personal reasons it was nessesary for a change of personal, in the Organisation. Now Johanna Dalhoff has taken over together with Isabella Kohls and will be taking care for artistical organisation.

Now bridges goes into round two!

bridges session 3
The first rehearsals have begun and new exciting Ensembles have been formed, so that there will be more concerts within single Ensembles as well as grand Orchestra to be expected.

On 08th of May 2017 there will be the second big concert at the Sendesaal of Hessische Rundfunk. More dates are to follow.

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