For sale: Gypsyjazz Archtop Guitars handmade by Polak-Guitars

Actually for sale i have two wonderfully handmade Gypsyjazz Guitars by Polak-Guitars from my collection.
These guitars "Model Bertino - Maple Series" and "Model Bertino - Eucalypt Series" were handmade by luthier Eduard Polak from Polak-Guitars (former ERG), crafted on my advice and consulting.

The specialty of these guitars aren´t only their look but especially their sound. Deeply inspired by original Busato-Guitars (more Infos on -> Busato-Guitars) which were built in the 1930-50ies in Paris/France, these models have been crafted in collaboration with ERG-Guitars for me.

If you are interested ion one of the guitars dont hesitate to contact me. I am open forn any questions via eMail. Both instruments may  be played at my place on negotiation for date.

Here some images and videos of these great guitars to see and to listen:

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New guitars in my life (5)

An old german saying is: "... often when you don´t imagine it happens ..." and exactly like this it was for me when in autumn 2015 the "ERG Guitars"-company from Israel asked me if i wanted to play one of their guitars to become an official Endorser for them.

03 Mod Bertino tobacco front closeWho will say no to that. Me neither.
But already i had a very clear vision of what kind of a guitar i would have liked to play. In the 1930-50ies of last century there was this famous luthier from Paris/France, Bernabe Busato, who already in this time built very special Jazzguitars that always have been a tempt for me as they have a very special round an full sound.

Meanwhile these guitars have become rarities and are getting harder amd harder to find on the market, and if you will have to pay something between 10 to 15.000.-€ which is just unaffordable for a musician like me..

I introduced my vision for copying such a Busato-Guitar to the constructors of Polak-Guitars (before ERG-Guitars) and provided them with detailed informations on how to build such a kind of making, detailed measures about headstock, bodyshape, top and bottom.
The Busato-guitars have become famous for their strongly arched bodies, similar to the meanwhile well known archtop jazzguitars. Just not with F-holes but the famous Oval-hole.

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bridges - Part 2

20160613 203057After the furious success of the "bridges - music unites" concert on  April 19th at the Sendesaal of the Hessischen Rundfunk, the organizers decided to definately go on with this Project.

By personal reasons it was nessesary for a change of personal, in the Organisation. Now Johanna Dalhoff has taken over together with Isabella Kohls and will be taking care for artistical organisation.

Now bridges goes into round two!

bridges session 3
The first rehearsals have begun and new exciting Ensembles have been formed, so that there will be more concerts within single Ensembles as well as grand Orchestra to be expected.

On 08th of May 2017 there will be the second big concert at the Sendesaal of Hessische Rundfunk. More dates are to follow.

bridges - Musik unites - Tickets available

bridgesSince a couple of days it is possible to make Ticketreservations for the concert of the refugee´s project on april 19th 2016 at the Sendesaal of Hessische Rundfunk, Bertramstr. 8, 60320 Frankfurt.

The seats are limited, so hurry up to reserve your ticktes today. More Infos on the Project further down in the News and on the Homepage of the Project

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