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Demo-CD - Coeur du Bois (2009)

See you in my dreams - Coeur du Bois (2009)

JazzManouche, Swing and more "Coeur du Bois" (french for "the heart of the wood") - the new Swing-Band by Alexander Bertino Rodmann.

This first Demo-CD contains 6 songs by Django Reinhardt and other famous Jazz-Tunes.
(Cover / Artwork: Alexander B. Rodmann, all rights reserved)

Listen (or free download) here:
Songname Download  Listen here
Douce Ambiance (D. Reinhardt)  mp3
Montagne St. Genevieve / Django´s Waltz (D. Reinhardt)  mp3
Danse Norvegienne (D. Reinhardt)  mp3
 Status: erhältlich

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