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... music - was my first real love...

LochNess_03_klI saw my first guitar at the age of 13 years in 1971 at a friends house - knowing that i "...wanted to become a musician..." ever since.

Exactly this guitar i bought after working at a gas-station for four weeks in summer holidays, starting to play instantly. I learned the first few chords by a friend, learning more or less only autodidactically from then on learning to play the guitar in the following years. I practised playing guitar obsessively, sometimes  8-10 hours daily in these first years.

As we didnt have too much money in the family left over for receiving guitar-lessons, I always listened to records, tried to play what i heared - which were the hits of the hip and current bands from Blues, Rock and Pop like: B.B. King, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Eric Clapton and Cream, Eric Burdon and the Animals and the more.
25_Strassenjungs_01At the age of 14 in 1974 together with a couple of schoolfriends (Rudolf Deguelle (Drums) and Jochen Glofke (Bass) i founded my first Rockband (Loch Ness, imaga above left) -  and ever since played in countless Bands and projects from then on, also recording for numerous artists.

In 1977 i got developed by the later producer of "Strassenjungs" Axel Klopprogge (who was also involved in the making of the artist "Markus" ("Kleine Taschenlampe brenn..") at a live-gig of my Band "Lady" which was mainly a Rock-coverband. The recordings of the first album of the Strassenjungs "Dauerlutscher" as also a couple of concerts and a germany-tour as opening-act with the punkband "The Clash" followed in 1978/79.

A couple of the most common names of Bands that i played together in the following years were: Lady, Strassenjungs, Octopus, Star, Springstorm, Wind (later called "Trio"), B.A.C.E.-Connection, KANIA, b_yond, EBO Live!, and many more.

More details of my musical carreer in my are readable in my musical miles or in the discography, with sound-samples of some of these CDs and Produktions that i have been involved with.

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