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    Gitarrenunterricht - Guitar lessons

    Gitarre lernen mit und ohne Noten, für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene

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    Gitarre lernen - Learning guitar

    Verschiedene Stile von Rock bis Jazz

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    Gitarrenunterricht - Guitar lessons

    Einfache Lieder lernen, Akkorde, Zupfen, Schlagen oder Picking

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    Gypsyjazz Guitar - das Lehrbuch für Gypsyjazzgitarre

    "Gypsyjazz Guitar - a tribute to Gypsyjazz" zeigt übersichtlich mit Übungen die Geheimnisse der Gypsyjazzgitarre. Hier zu bestellen

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    Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar - LIVE-Workshops

    Workshops für unterschiedliche Levels, Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene. Mehr Infos hier

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    Musik-Komposition und Produktion

    Seit vielen Jahren komponiere ich Songs in den unterschiedlichsten Stilen. Mehr Infos hier

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    Django Reinhardt - Master of Gypsyjazzguitar

    Django Reinhardt der Meister der Gypsyjazz-Gitarreund Mit-Begründer des "Quintette du Hotclub de France" - Idol und Einfluss für viele Gitarristen

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    Musik der Sinti & Roma

    Eine sehr unterschätze Minderheit die grosses geleistet hat: Musik die Welten verbindet

alexander b. rodmann - guitarrist, musician, composer, education

music always be my first love - always be my last ...

the official homepage of a musical talent

Welcome to my newly designed Homepage. Here you´ll find News and Informations
about me, my work as a musician, composer and guitar-teacher.

In about me you may read about my vita, or take a look at the list of my musical miles,
see my skills & know-how and under Images, Videos or discography watch photos,
videos or listen to some excerpts from CDs from the different musical periods of my carreer.

In the section eDucation you´ll find general and detailed Infos on guitar-lessons,
in philosophy you may also find out some more about my way of thinking.

Have fun at my website and i look further to your contact.

Alexander B. Rodmann

About Me

AL 2011
My name is Alexander B. Rodmann, since more than 4 decades i am working as  musician and guitar-teacher.

Born into an artist-family (my mother was a painter,  an uncle has been graphicdesigner, the brother of my grandpa worked as violinist in the south of france, as well as more other artists around in the family), so i started my carreer as a musician at the late age of 13 by autoditactically learning to play the guitar.

Soon around the age of 14 i started to play in Bands, later on beeing involved in all kinds of Bands and projects, Live and in Studio, mainly as guitarrist and later on also as a drummer (also see my musical miles).

After a couple of years later i got interested in recording-techniques in 1985, so i then learned to play a bit of keyboards as well. All instruments i tought myself  autodidactically.

Meanwhile i am working as musician and guitar-teacher for more than four decades. Very early i soon began to teach playing the guitar as a side-income, thus working as a guitar-teacher also for serveral music-schools around the area of Frankfurt and Bad Nauheim. I worked a couple of years for the kath. educational institution (in Frankfurt/M) dealing with students from between 8 and 72 years (also in groups up to 10 persons) for the last years.

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More infos about my musical career you may find in my biography as well as my philosophy, which may show you a bit more about my personal views. In the musical miles you may find my musical career listed in chronological order.


Hier ist eine meiner Kompositionen "La route de soleil - en chemin d´oiseaux".
Here´s one of my compositions called "La route de soleil - en chemin d´oiseaux".


You think Music-/Teaching is too expensive?

PianisteA very interesting article by the TONKÜNSTLERVERBANDS BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG E.V. (Musicians association) rules out why every kind of music live or lessons should keep a certain value or payment for the musician. Read here the Article.

Many people not involved closer into the issue of "working music" every so often dont have any clue about what or how much a musician or music-teacher has to work for his job to be able to play an instrument or even to teach it.

To play any instrument takes years, takes loads of investments for instruments, high-schools or lessons. It takes many hours of practising in "sweat and tears" until one reaches a certain stage of ability. To teach an instrument to others is even a same heavy task, as you have to know and learn anything yourself first before you are ablte to teach it...
This all should be honoured and be payed the same to keep a fair balance between musicians and "normal" jobprofiles such as workers, employees or other freelancers.

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musical miles

Dupont MD60 23musical miles, the steps of my musical carreer, sorted chronological by years. News at first, older stuff at the bottom.

musical miles:

• 2016 Participation on Bandproject "bridges - Musik verbindet" ("World"-musikproject, HR3)

• 2015 Founding of Bandproject "Bertino & the Django unchained project" (Jazz, Swing, Crossover)

• 2008-2016 Band "Coeur du Bois" (Jazzmanouche, Swing, Bossa uvm.)

• 2008 Founding of the Band "Coeur du Bois" (Jazzmanouche, Swing, Bossa uvm.

• 2006-2007 div. Band-, Musicprojects and Recordingsessions (see discography)

• 2005 funkOforte (Funk/Pop Cover-Band / Auditions)

• 2005 Chunky (Funk/Pop Cover-Band)

• 1990 - 2005 div. Band-, Musicprojects and Recordingsessions (see discography)

• 2003 "Kaleidoskop" (Cover-Band, Frankfurt), Studioguitarrist "BlueChip Tonstudio"

• 2001 "Hardride" (Hardrock, GrossGerau)

• 1998 "EBO LIVE!" (Gigs and Studio-Recordings)

• 1997 "Tyron B." (Rap), div. Produktions as composer/producer

• 1996 - 97 "Soul Years" (Funk & R&B, div. Studioproduktions as Producer)

• 1997 - 2005 Founding of Multimedia-company "digitalwelten -new media service-"

• 1996 - 97 Qualification as "Multimedia-Producer", DTP-Academie Neu-Isenburg

• 1996  Praktikum Sound-engeneer, Recordingstudio "Basement Audio GmbH"

• 1993 - 94 Vocal-Lessons (Vocal Coach: Amy Leverenz)

• 1992 - 1993 Sound-engeneer Recordingstudio "ListenUp", div. Productions, e.g. "Area Desaster" (Rock)

• 1990 - 2000 div. Bandprojects, Recordingsessions in Studios

• 1989 - 90 first Computer-experience (Commodore64, ATARI), div. Recordingsessions

• 1989 - Scheftel Brothers“ (Gypsy-Swing, Darmstadt)

• 1982 - 87 Alex Rodmann Group (Gypsy-Swing, Blues, Frankfurt)

• 1987 - 3. Instrument Keyboards

• 1985 - 86 "Mike Melcher und seine Solisten" (Dancemusic, Frankfurt)

• 1985 B.A.C.E.-Connection (Cover-Band, Mönchengladbach)

• 1984 - 85 "Kania" (Rock/Pop, Frankfurt), "Springstorm" (Deutsch-Rock, Frankfurt)

• 1983 - 84 "Octopus" (Deutsch-Rock), div.. Tours and Live-concerts

• 1981 - 82 "Trio", ehem. "Wind" (Pop, Stadtallendorf), Guitarrist f. div. Recordingsessions

• 1981 "Star" (Hard-Rock, Mannheim)

• 1980 - 81 "Springstorm" (Deutsch-Rock, Frankfurt)

• 1979 - 80 "Strassenjungs" (PunkRock, Frankfurt), first LP "Dauerlutscher"

• 1978 "Lady" (Cover-Band (Rock)

• 1977 "The Chaos Brothers" (Rock, Frankfurt)

• 1976 "Invisible Four" (Rock, Frankfurt)

• 1975 2. Instrument Drums

• 1973 1. Band "Loch Ness" (Rock, Frankfurt)

• 1971 1. Instrument Guitar


More Infos on the diversive Bands and Projects you´ll also find in the discography. More Infos on my Qualifikations and Skills you´ll find here.


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