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b_yond - C´mon all you people

Remake eines Titels aus dem Jahr 1982 von Alexander B. Rodmann

Auszug aus den Lyrics:
"Hey, politicians, presidents - u talk about the war.
Atomic power , nuclear bombs - i don't know what u're talkin' for
cause every honest man who works - ain't got an effort from.
Your talkin' 'bout blood n death - succsessful is the life !
All of my days i've been dreamin' of something to happen -
all of the nations start livin' in peace all together

There is a way that we can find – c'mon all u people - get it all together
let's start the things inside ourselves doesn't matter if u're black or white - do it all together
2ooo years is a very long time (of violence), start practising Jesus words - if you want to win…"

(Cover / Artwork: Alexander B. Rodmann, all rights reserved)

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C´mon all u people
ISRC DE-CR4-07-0096


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